Heros 2s


Heros 2s

Héros 2s support Apple Car Play, Android Auto and bluetooth connection. 3 USB port •  AM | FM Radio • DSP Music Player • 360 Parnoramic View
Includes : Héros Head Unit, Harness Cable, GPS Modular, USB port installer.

- 100% Authentic
- 15 Days Return Policy
- Malaysia Local Warranty
- Technical Support

CarPlay and Android Auto
These are smartphone integration platforms developed by Apple and Google, respectively. They allow drivers to mirror their smartphone's interface on the vehicle's infotainment screen. Here's why they are beneficial:

- Seamless Integration: CarPlay and Android Auto provide a familiar interface for drivers, making it easier to access navigation, music, messaging, and other apps without fumbling with their phones.

- Safety: By using voice commands or touch screen controls on the car's display, drivers can interact with their smartphones while keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, reducing distractions.

- Navigation: Both platforms offer advanced GPS navigation with real-time traffic updates, which can help drivers find the most efficient routes and avoid congestion.

Bluetooth Connection
Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows devices like smartphones to connect to a car's audio and infotainment system. Here's why Bluetooth is important:

- Hands-Free Communication: Bluetooth allows drivers to pair their phones with the car's system, enabling hands-free calling. This promotes safer driving by reducing the need to hold a phone while talking.

- Audio Streaming: Bluetooth enables wireless audio streaming from smartphones to the car's speakers, allowing drivers to play music, podcasts, and audiobooks without physical cable connections.

- Contact and Music Sync: Bluetooth can synchronize contacts and music libraries from a smartphone to the car's system, making it convenient to access essential information and entertainment.

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